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New exercise trends for the coming year

How will we train this year coming? What trends are set to take over the fitness world and, ultimately, our gyms and our lives? In this blog post we explore some of the upcoming tendencies in the fitness world.

One of the most common resolutions made now that the year is coming to a conclusion is to live a healthy lifestyle and get active. But what sports will be the most popular in 2023, and what new equipment will we find in our gyms?

MetCon, HILIT, Animal Flow, as well as workouts based on mood and hormones, are five sports disciplines that, after examining the most recent trends, we predict will go viral in the coming year. The same happens with combined disciplines and group workouts.

Let’s examine each of them individually!

MetCon, a vigorous exercise program

High-intensity workouts have been the rage for a long time now, and there are numerous variations of this type of exercise. One of the most novel ones is called MetCon (Metabolic condition). 

MetCon is a variation of the popular HIIT, a form of exercise based on quick bursts of action that elevate the body’s level of activity. However, experts explain that this version is far more strength and endurance oriented than traditional fat-burning interval training.

In that sense, MetCon can be used as a hybrid discipline that will help you both lose fat and create muscle at the same time. Promising, isn’t it?

Hilit, a beginner-friendly low-impact sport

Because it uses light weights or weights and lower-intensity motions, Hilit (High Intensity Low Impact) is a low-impact workout that is perfect for anyone new to the sport or people who don’t want to force their body, like pregnant women or people with joint problems. Slow and steady progression is crucial when practising Hilit.

Experts advise beginning gradually and introducing new tasks every week, in a low-intensity manner that you can perform every day. Hilit work requires raising heart rate, which occurs when we engage in sports like spinning, Pilates, or swimming; and can be a great way to burn fat without hurting your body unintentionally.

Animal Flow aims to improve bodily agility, coordination, and precision

Animal Flow is a program created to help people re-connect with themselves via the pursuit of balance, accuracy, and agility with their own bodies and in connection to the ground. It incorporates quadrupedal and ground motions as well as handstand, calisthenics, parkour, yoga, capoeira, and other handstand-related exercises. 

Using animal movements to connect on a physical and cerebral level, albeit in a very different way. Animal Flow is essentially a discipline that aims to achieve physical proficiency levels that are unattainable by its practitioners. 

According to different Animal Flow practitioners, anybody can benefit from this practice, from the strength athlete who needs more mobility to the yogi who wants greater strength or the adult who desires long vitality.

The best method for reducing stress and anxiety is mood training

In the past year, training in accordance with our mood has taken on greater significance. According to experts, people are increasingly seeking sports for the desired emotional well-being. 

New sports fads are emerging that emphasize mood training in order to provide them with a practice that unifies the body and mind. As a result, new exercise types are appearing that focus on the two-way link between the two.

Endorphins are responsible for linking the neurons of the neurological system and acting as the link between body and mind. They serve as transmitters of joy, happiness, and pleasure in addition to reducing discomfort. 

Physical activity causes them to become active, which boosts mood and self-esteem while also eradicating stress, anxiety, and even raising stress thresholds, experts say. In this regard, this kind of training is particularly advantageous for mood problems that are caused by a lack of connection between the body and the mind.

Hormonal workouts

It is crucial to work with the body’s hormones at specific phases since hormonal balance is frequently tied to mood, physical health, and energy levels. Hormone training is a technique for balancing hormones, which fluctuate throughout the month in both men and women.

Every 28 days, a set of workouts are used in hormone training. For example, the ideal will be to slow down the pace, undertake activities focusing on flexibility and breathing, and avoid strenuous activity during menstruation in women, which is characterized by low energy.

Bringing disciplines together

The value of combining various disciplines to stay in shape is being understood more and more with each passing year. Therefore, while some disciplines encourage flexibility, others encourage strength, stamina, or mental health, having better results when performed together. 

For best results, it is crucial to combine stretching with anaerobic exercise, which increases metabolism and burns calories, as well as aerobic training, which helps to improve cardiovascular capacity.

Activities for groups to increase motivation

Last but not least, it can be very useful to enroll in group lessons if you want to exercise yet don’t like being alone at home or at the gym. Training in a group setting always brings that extra energy and motivation that can be absent, and it’s a great approach to practice sport. 

In this sense, social interaction is crucial for motivation. And here at Hypefive we’re very aware of that; which is why we’re building the first agnostic fitness community to bring together likeminded people.

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