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free fitness apps 2022

The best free fitness apps of 2022

Looking for the best free fitness apps of 2022? Here you can find the best options, chosen by the Hypefive team!

A good workout app is similar to having a personal trainer in your pocket. You can use these apps to help you push harder, increase your strength, and improve your diet in an easy way.

However, with so many different apps to pick from, choosing the right one can be a challenge in and of itself. That’s why we’ve taken a look at most of the available options and we’ve hand-picked some great workout apps you can use to improve your workouts and keep your motivation high.

There are many free fitness apps available for health enthusiasts. You can choose from different types of exercises such as cardio, weightlifting, yoga, etc. These apps come with different features such as music, timer, and more. That’s why choosing just one of them can seem like a daunting task!

However, worry not! Here at Hypefive we’ve picked our personal top 5 to give you a few solid options whether you’re looking for an all around workout app or want to start doing some specific type of exercise!

How to choose the best workout app?

Before diving into our list, we have to ask the question: how can you choose the best app to reach your fitness goals? Should you focus on a single type of workout, go for a simple fitness tracker, or try out an application with different kinds of fitness activities?

A good workout app should cover the exercises you want to do at a level that’s easy enough for you to start working out. You should be able to progress to higher levels as you become stronger and more fit. This is true for any kind of exercise you dig, whether you’re looking for a yoga app or a more custom workout.

On the other hand, an ideal app should support multiple levels of expertise, so that as you improve, you can move up to the next level. Most people would be better served with an option that offers on demand workouts, although others will prefer to stick to a predetermined fitness routine.

Finally, a well-rounded workout app should include a variety of exercises to help you stay motivated. You’ll want to make sure that your app tracks your progress over time. Some apps also offer guided workouts or other features to help you get started. In some cases, you can even access some types of personal training to increase your motivation even further.

Free Fitness Apps vs paid options

There are many different types of exercises available for you to try out. Some require equipment, while others do not. However, if we had to stick with the most important classification, it would be the division between paid apps and free ones.

With all the options available today, it’s usually simple enough to find an app that offers what you’re looking for with no monthly subscription. However, in many cases you’ll have to deal with in app purchases, or hidden costs for specific workout plans.

Here at Hypefive we believe a good exercise program should be available to anybody; which is why in this article we’ve only included apps with no premium subscription. However, there are some very solid options if you’re willing to go the paid route. Some of the best fitness apps out there cost less than some monthly gym memberships!

List of the best free fitness apps of 2022

Ready to start exploring the world of exercise applications? Here are 5 of our favorite options for this year.

1- Best app for people with no gym equipment: Nike Training Club

Don’t get discouraged by the big brand name! This app is often labeled as the «ultimate personal trainer»; and it really lives up to its title due to the immense quantity of free workouts you can access in its library.

From Yoga classes to workout programs for all fitness levels, Nike Training Club is a great option if you like trying out different things and don’t want to invest in expensive material to perform all kinds of workouts.

2- Best free app for distance lovers: Map My Run

Map My Run, a new app developed by Under Armour, tracks your running course, time and speed, and total distance using the built in tools you can find in most modern smartphones.

Map My Run displays both real-time and end-of-run results. Besides that, it also supports different fitness track­ers like the Apple Watch, and heart rate sensors. Although most of its functionalities are free, you can also access its paid membership in order to get more advanced options.

Bonus point: if you like other distance challenges besides running, you can download Map My Run’s sister apps that are geared towards walking or cycling.

3- Best for a quick workout: Seven

This health app is the answer we’d been waiting for to the classic dilemma: «I want to exercise but I can’t seem to find the time!». With a focus on HIIT strength training, here you’ll find 7 minute workouts that you can perform with no equipment whatsoever that will still give your body the shock and challenge it craves.

If you thought bodyweight workouts are not effective, try to use Seven on a daily basis for a few weeks and see where that takes you on your fitness journey! We guarantee you’ll notice the difference.

4- Build your core with Sworkit, an abs focused free fitness app

If you’re working out regularly, one of your goals is probably to have a body worth dying for. And if there’s a single area that can impact your overall appearance and health the most, there’s not doubt it’s the core.

With three different workout types to pick from, Sworkit can help you improve your health while you approach your fitness goals with its workout videos. The app includes movements from disciplines such as Yoga to activate your whole body and offers you core workouts that can really make a difference.

5- Can’t decide? Try Hypefive!

We couldn’t finish our list of the best free fitness apps of 2022 without talking about our own baby! Hypefive is the app we wished we’d had access to when we started working out and showing an interest in exercise.

What can you find inside the app? When you download it, you’ll be able to access different challenges created by a dedicated community or join events to practice your favorite sports with other people.

Best of all? You’re not limited to any single type of exercise! Whether you enjoy team sports or want to go for something crazier like rock climbing, surfing or even extreme ironing, you’ll be able to find like minded athletes or even start your own groups and events!

Although the app is currently in the process of being tested internally, you can subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be one of the first people to try it out!