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We are hypers.

We believe in the power of social to get everyone to workout more and workout better

We create an ecosystem where individuals can connect for co-empowerment and motivation & to enhance their experiences

At hypefive, we have a dream: we have the dream of being able to counteract the ever-growing fragmentation of the fitness community

We want to bring to everyone the benefits of a unified fitness community

Mass co-empowerment & motivation


1. Mass co-empowerment & motivation



Experience boost from breaking information barriers

2. Experience boost from breaking information barriers



We are on a mission. We are on a mission to help everyone workout more, workout more together, and turn up the fun of the whole experience.

We want to do it by creating the first profile agnostic and truly social fitness network.

We leverage humankind's most basic instincts, being social

We target everyone
We are agnostic

This is us

Being a hyper means having the ambition to redefine the concept of being active: being more social, having more fun. It's the ability to enjoy the thrill of working in a fast-changing environment. It's an enthusiasm towards building things from scratch.

Skilled, strong-willed, enthusiasts, friendly, humble. hypers

Cristina de Leyva

Founder & CEO
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Miguel Vaello

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Sergio Sánchez

Mobile / Full Stack Developer
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Franz García

AI&ML / Backend Developer
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Alex Rodríguez

Web / Digital Marketing Specialist
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